Why hasn’t Disney cut ties with film producer who wished Covington Catholic school children would be stuffed “into the woodchipper?”

Disney producer Jack Morrissey joins the long list of celebrities who weighed in on the Covington Catholic controversy before learning all of the facts. In a now-deleted tweet, Morrissey called for the high school-aged teens to be shoved head-first “into a woodchipper.” The famed film producer says that the post he shared was meant to be “satirical,” but that doesn’t change the fact that these kids are innocent, and were accused of a “social crime” they didn’t even actually commit. The fact that so many grown adults have called for these students to be expelled, doxxed and otherwise victimized over an image that was shared on the internet is truly disturbing — and it just goes to show how much control over the general public the mainstream media really has managed to accrue.

Things are so bad, Covington Catholic High School had to remain closed on Jan. 22, due to concerns for the students’ safety. Even though the school has reopened, security concerns remain high. To think that celebrities are contributing to this madness by unleashing calls for violence — even jokingly — is insane. But this is reality, sad as it may be.

Disney producer tweets about putting kids in a woodchipper

Multiple mainstream media outlets began reporting and sharing the entirely false “story” of Covington Catholic students “harassing” Native American demonstrators, and a wave of outrage erupted across social media. Celebrities from every industry were quick to weigh in on the matter, and make sure everyone who’s anyone knows that they “took a stand.” Disney producer Jack Morrissey was one such celebrity, sharing the following tweet:

While Morrissey’s original tweet has been removed, as they say, “The internet never forgets.”

Our culture of “crucify first and ask questions later” came to a head, after it was revealed that the Covington Catholic students were the real victims, who were both harassed at the March for Life event and later, used as pawns to push the corrupt, anti-American left-wing agenda.

Morrissey has apologized for his “unintended”call to violence — but has not apologized for wrongly identifying the children as perpetrators of hate, nor for spreading the mainstream media’s lies. As Morrissey reportedly told TheWrap:

Yesterday I tweeted an image based on FARGO that was meant to be satirical — as always — but I see now that it was in bad taste I offended many people — My sincerest apologies. I would never sincerely suggest violence against others, especially kids. Lesson learned.

I have no issue whatsoever with taking responsibility, but also completely apologizing that I clearly intended it to be seen as satire. That was clearly not recorded that way by many who saw it.

Note how Morrissey is blaming other social media users for taking his post too seriously. It was “meant to be satirical,” he says. Whether or not joking about putting kids in MAGA hats in a woodchipper qualifies as “satire” is questionable, but his response signifies a greater problem.

Conservative values are not a crime

Morrissey, like many of the mainstream media outlets now facing scrutiny, has chosen to refuse to admit what is actually wrong with his actions. The media, by and large, has failed to produce an actual retraction — that would defeat the purpose of pushing propaganda. Instead, all they are willing to admit is that there was “more to the story” than was initially reported.

Many members of the Left seem to feel that what has happened here is justified because the Covington Catholic students are white, Christian, and supporters of President Trump. To them, wearing a MAGA hat is crime enough — even existing as a conservative is criminal to these people.

The fact that the Disney corporation has yet to try and distance themselves from Morrissey’s radical views is equally alarming. In the past, Disney has taken action when its known associates have made highly controversial and alarming statements such as Morrissey’s. Will anything be done this time around?

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